Being an experienced massage therapist, Tiger has a great understanding of biomechanics as well as injury prevention and management. In the event of injury, he is always available for advice, reassurance and treatment. I will never forget the time he unexpectedly came to my workplace armed with a bucket and ice to help treat an inflamed Achilles of mine! He’s that kind of guy and he really does care.
Emma G.
As an expat based in Singapore, my online Run Crew programmes provide me with a personalised approach to training as if I was still in Sydney. Training for marathons requires structure, flexibility, accountability and nuance that only a tailored programme with live chat can provide. For me, this approach ensures I am able to align my marathon running goals with other commitments within a broader context of overall wellbeing.
Steve K.
Through the use of personalised sessions, consistent training and regular communication the coach is able to provide you with a steady platform to revise, redefine and realise what you are capable of achieving. This brings the athlete to a confident mindset, the type of mindset that smiles at your previous doubts and breaks down that elusive wall as you achieve something that your body and mind were unable to conceive six-months ago.
ervice that is uniquely you.

The most important aspect of a runners journey is to enjoy the ride along the way. Run Crew will find you a path that’s worth exploring.

Sam S.
Gary has adjusted my training program around injuries, work commitments, pregnancy and now family commitments. He’s in regular contact so he knows how I’m handling the training load and he works closely with my physio on injury management and prevention. He seems to live and breathe running and do whatever it takes to get the best out of his squad. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t sleep. Not much has changed since the formation of Run Crew, except I now have more training partners to chase and another great coach to work with!
Megan T.