what we offer

For $115 per month, Run Crew offers specific, personalised coaching for every runner. Regardless of your experience or speed, and covering target races from 800m through to ultras, Run Crew is committed to giving runners of all abilities the opportunity to perform at their best. Our coaching covers all areas of training and preparation, with attention to detail usually reserved for the elite.

Want to take your running to the next level? Send us an email info@runcrew.com.au — no obligation.

why choose us

We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we create specific training and online programming appropriate to your level, history, goals and lifestyle. Run Crew will make it work for you.

what the crew thinks

As an expat based in Singapore, my online Run Crew programmes provide me with a personalised approach to training as if I was still in Sydney. Training for marathons requires structure, flexibility, accountability and nuance that only a tailored programme with live chat can provide. For me, this approach ensures I am able to align my marathon running goals with other commitments within a broader context of overall wellbeing.
—Steve K.
Like many hockey players, I saw running as a necessary evil. I had to do it to get fit, but I didn’t particularly like it. Since I started training with Gary in 2011 I have learnt to love running – so much that I gave hockey away. Over the years Gary has helped me to set and achieve some pretty lofty running goals. Goals that I didn’t really think were possible for me. I went from thinking I couldn’t even run 20km, to representing NSW in the Australian Half Marathon Championships. I’ve managed to take big chunks off my times over all distances, right down to 800m.
—Megan T.
Running, it’s more than just exercise; it’s a lifestyle. Run Crew understands this reality and looks to find a way to actively and harmoniously work with you to construct a program that best suits you, your goals and your busy, ever-changing way of life.
—Sam S.
I started training with Tiger as a recreational runner in 2008 and have nothing but praise for his coaching skills. Whatever your level of running, Tiger takes on your goals (sets them even higher!) and sees you through to the finish line. Quite literally. He has unbelievable dedication and passion for his job as both massage therapist and coach and I couldn’t fault him in either field. His training programs are customised to each individual factoring in work and family commitments as well as injury history and personal goals.
—Emma G.

locations and session times


Centennial Park: 5.45am
ES Marks: 6.00pm


Centennial Pk: 5.45am


Various locations: 6.30am


Centennial Park: 7.00am