Scott J after smashing his 5km PB

Scott smashed his 5km PB

Robbo's first post-surgery race

Robbo’s 1st post-surgery race

It was a great start for the Crew at the Australian Running Festival in Canberra, with Scott Jenkins smashing his 5km pb (by 25 seconds, no less) with a sub 30min. The hits kept on coming in the 10km, with Anna White continuing her podium streak (3rd), as well as a big milestone for Tracey Robinson, ticking off her comeback race post hand surgery.


Never say never, Gemma!

Never say never, Gemma!

There was another podium finish in the Canberra Half Marathon, which saw Gemma Jenkins nab 2nd place. It’s been great watching Gemma’s hard work pay off—especially when we recall her comments on day one with Run Crew: “I will never race further than 10km; it doesn’t interest me whatsoever.” We can’t wait to see what she (and the rest of the Crew) does next!