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run crew shines at SMH half marathon

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The SMH Half Marathon was a great event as always, and we were blown away by the performances of our crew.

Regardless of your ability, age or dedication, whether you are slow or fast, beginner or experienced, social or competitive, and everything in between, our members and their goals are equally important. And we always try our best to ensure your Run Crew experience meets your goals in an enjoyable, safe and sustainable manner. Achieving and having fun are not mutually exclusive.

High quality people are the benchmark in our squad and, as such, everyone gets the same treatment – we don’t offer payment, freebies or even discounts for speedsters; nobody is more special because they can run fast.

At last week’s SMH Half Marathon, we had as many runners in the top five (Lucy Starrat 3rd, Tom Do Canto 4th and Matthew Cox 5th) as we had finish in 2hrs plus, including a whopping 10min PB to Antoinette Baron, the effervescent vice captain of the Spring Chickens. Members like Antoinette and Lucy perfectly embody what Run Crew represents and what we hoped it would become. Thank you to all our members for creating such a great training environment.

If you want to hang out with a high quality bunch who share a mutual love of running, email info@runcrew.com.au and we’ll get you started.

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